Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best 3 Season Tent

Best 3 Season Tent

Three season tents are a great bet for anyone who isn’t going to go camping in winter, but doesn’t live in the warmest areas. These tents find the balance between good ventilation for summer and weather resistant features to make sure you sleep warm and dry in the colder months. There is a pretty wide range of designs available, which makes choosing the most suitable tent slightly more complicated.

What to Consider in 3 Season Tents


The first choice is always based on size. You need to think about how many people are going to be sleeping in your tent – is it just you or a whole family? Try and go as big as possible, as this will ultimately be more comfortable and you will be able to keep your equipment inside the tent with you. Bear in mind however – particularly if you are going to be hiking in between camp sites – that larger tents inevitably weigh more and can take up more space in your backpack.


When it comes to the shape of the tent, there really are many options available. If you are going somewhere windy then consider more rounded tents (such as domed or geodesic style tents). If the weather is unlikely to be difficult then you can go for a more traditional A – frame or tunnel tent.

You will also need to consider whether or not to get a tent with divided rooms or even vestibules (a covered and floored area outside the main body of the tent where you can keep your gear safe and dry).

Other Design Features

Many tents come with other design features, such as windows or more than one layer. It’s hard to give generic advice, as each design feature will have been created with a particular focus in mind.

However, if you are mostly a summer camper consider a tent with many mesh windows (preferably of a material that keeps mosquitoes out) and with two layers to aid ventilation and reduce condensation. If you are going camping in chillier weather make sure that windows have sealable covers to avoid water and cold air getting into the tent.

You may also want to look at how easy it is to set the tent up, especially if going on a family camping trip. Make sure that the tent has a good warranty, with sturdy poles and quality fabrics. A good ground mat with sealed seams is always worth having as well.

Best Three Season Tent Reviews

The following 3 season tents have been well-received by thousands of people. These are trusted brands that have a reputation for producing some of the best outdoor gear and have been well-reviewed on Amazon.

Coleman Sundome Tent

This four person tent has over 1,400 positive customer reviews on Amazon so you know that you’re likely to get a great product. It has a high density polyethylene floor to make sure that ground water can’t seep into your tent, as well as a factory sealed rain fly – you are going to stay dry here! It also has an electrical access port so that you can run AC power into the tent, as well as handy hooks to hand LED lights or small bits and pieces.

ProductModelSizeColorReviews / Pricing from Amazon.com
Coleman Sundome20000078274-PersonGreen

Visit Coleman’s website to get more details on this Sundome tent.

High Peak Outdoors Pacific Crest Tent

This is a stable, wind resistant tent that is great for longer hikes. It is relatively cheap and lightweight (due to fiberglass poles), and can pack down comparatively small for a four person tent. It can be set up in under three minutes and will do well in most ‘normal’ weather conditions.

ProductModelColorReviews / Pricing from Amazon.com
High Peak Outdoors Pacific Crest Tent (4-Person)0033Grey Coffee

For more detail on this specific tent, check out High Peak Outdoors.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person Tent

This award-winning tent is well-designed and thought out for campers of all levels. It has a bathtub foor (meaning the waterproof material goes up and around the sides), with taped seams and treated nylon rain flys to keep the water out.  It comes with a good stuff sack on which the instructions are conveniently printed out should you need help setting up. The Morrison comes with a lifetime warranty, making it great value for money.

ProductModelColorReviews / Pricing from Amazon.com
Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent11-2010-12Citron Green

Get more details about this Morrison tent from Mountainsmith.