The Best 4 Season Tent – Buyer’s Ultimate Guide

Best 4 Season Tent

A 4 season tent is not for the casual holiday camper. These tents are designed to withstand any and all weather, and come with a huge number of small details that can make all the difference when the elements are not on your side. The best 4 season tents are designed to withstand winter, but there is a lot of variation beneath the ‘4 season’ description – so you will need to think a bit about your specific requirements before choosing the right tent for you.

Four Season Tent Features to Consider

The first thing you are going to need to think about is size, as with any tent. A smaller tent will be easier to keep warm, but a larger tent is more comfortable if you are planning a longer trip. Think about the pack down size of the tent and how you are planning on transporting it from one campsite to another.

Next – how many walls will your tent need to suit the weather you will face? Double wall tents are warmer in winter, but do not function as well in summer or humid conditions (due to having limited air flow and ventilation as a result of having two walls). Double wall tents also tend to be larger and roomier, making them more comfortable and apt for longer trips. Single wall tents may not bear up as well during a heavy storm but pack down smaller and are much lighter, so think about what the likely weather conditions are going to be.

The pole design and quality are key if you are going to need to withstand the elements at their fiercest. If you are expecting your tent to hold up under snow then make sure you select strong poles (carbon fibre or aluminium, consider between 8 – 11mm in diameter) and go for a tent with many poles and intersections and as few joints in the poles as possible – basically you want a lot of strong, unjointed poles crisscrossing to increase the overall strength of the tent.

The strength of the fabric will also be important, make sure you choose a polythene or nylon cover which is treated with either silicone or polyurethane to ensure waterproof characteristics.

Best Four Season Tent Reviews

A few good choices can be found below:

High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite Tent

This two person tent includes two large vestibules for equipment and a full rain cover, meaning that you and your stuff will be protected from the weather. At under 7 pounds, this is a lightweight tent with good ventilation. It is snowproof and all of its windows come with sealable flaps to protect your from rain.

ProductModelReviews / Pricing from
High Peak Outdoors Maxxlite Tent1131

Visit High Peak Outdoor for more info about the company.

Wenzel Alpine 2 Person Tent

Although advertised as a three person tent, two is probably more realistic. This is an easy set-up tent, with an integrated mud matt with a drainage strip to keep you clean and dry. Its pentadome shape makes it suitable for windy conditions, and it has various small features to make sure the Alpine will keep you dry. Inside it has a gear loft and hanging pocket for storage, and comes with a transportation and storage duffel bag.

ProductModelSizeColorReviews / Pricing from
Wenzel Alpine 2 Person Tent364198.5 X 8Grey / Blue

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2 Person Tent

A strong, UV resistant and waterproof fly makes sure you stay dry and protected from all the elements. It has easy access (due to extra-large zippers on the doors and windows) with two vestibules and a good ground matt. This tent is great for hardcore hikers, and even has a repair kit so you can fix any minor scratches or issues on the go.

ProductModelSizeColorReviews / Pricing from
ALPS Mountaineering 5355605 Tasmanian 3 Person Backpacking Tent5355605OSCopper / Rust

Get more info on this particular line of tents from ALPS Mountaineering.