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Best 6 Person Tent [Buying Guide]

When you want to spend the vacation with family members by doing something exciting, you must choose the best 6 person tent before you start camping if you are on this list, congratulations!

You are going to have some fantastic memories. But what about your accommodation? Especially when going with your friends, this could be tough to spend the night comfortably without proper management.

Well, the best and effective solution is using a tent. For a group tour, you should pick the best family tent. This type of tent is comfortable and compact at the same time. You can carry it easily for a backpacking tour, and some products are exceptional though. However, finding the right product can take heavy effort. We are aiming to make your buying experience excellent.

How to Choose The Best 6 Person Tent?

Finding a tent is easy, but when you are looking for the best deal, that won't be that easy. Here are the features that you can consider to have the right deal.

Type Of The Tent

The first thing you need to consider is what kind of tent you want to buy. For example, if you are going to use the tent for summer camp, you can pick any item that is labeled for 3-season. But when you want to use the same thing for around the year, it is essential to buy a 4-season tent. That will keep you safe, whether it is extremely cold outside or it is raining.


The shape of your selected tent plays an important role when you want comfort. You will find two different shapes for tents, which are A-shaped tent and Dome tent. Both styles have some advantages and disadvantages. The shape is good when you want to stay dry from the rain. The walls come in an angled style that doesn't allow water to stand on the roof. One the other hand, Dome shape tent comes with vertical walls that give more headspace, but when it is raining, moving water could be difficult.

Water Resistant

You can't make sure about the weather when going camping. It could be heavy rain in the spot you are going to stay. It is better to keep preparation for any situation. So, experts always recommend using a water-resistant tent. Seams in the ten should be long-lasting and leak-proof. Besides, look for the floor style. Does it have a system to move water from inside, and does it remain dry? If yes, you are good to go.

Door and Window

How do you enter in a tent? With a door, right? So, look for what style of door is implemented in the tent. Does it have a smooth opening and closing system? This is crucial to get easy access to the tent. At the same time, look for windows in it to have proper ventilation.


Spending on a cheaply made product can ruin your budget. Check the fabric quality and frame style. For durability, polyester fabric is excellent. However, this fabric has different qualities. Check for the grade of polyester. Also, the frame should come with durable steel for long life.

Top 5 Best 6 Person Tent

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

For family tours, you must get something comfortable where you can move easily. This Coleman tent is the item that will give you ample space inside the tent. It easily accommodates 6 people that you can use it for a wide range of purposes. It comes with vertical walls but with a little bit of an angled roof. So, you can move inside the tent and can stand in it. Unlike the traditional dome tents, it won't allow water to come inside.

With the top-quality polyester material and durable frame, this tent lasts longer. Its WeatherTech system will keep you dry inside even when raining outside. Welded corners and covered seams will keep water out. It is a well-ventilated tent that will keep you fresh with airflow. With the e-port system, you can easily bring power inside.

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  • Storage pocket to keep your gears
  • Around 6-feet height inside
  • 1000D polyethylene floor for weather protection
  • Zippered electronic access port for convenience
  • Two windows and roof vents for airflow
  • Requires max 10 minutes for setup


  • Not suitable to use in areas where the wind is powerful

2. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

When you want to buy a 6-person tent, you will have different options. If you're going to have a good area inside for comfortable moving, this Coleman tent is a recommended one. The tent features a dome-style which has a vertical wall to provide more headspace. 11 x 9 feet with 6-foot 8-inch center height is more than enough for living inside comfortably. You can set two queen-size air mattresses inside the tent to stay overnight.

The best feature in the tent is its screen room. If you are planning to camp in extreme areas, there will be bugs. The screen room creates a separate space to protect from bugs. Like other models from Coleman, this one also features a WeatherTech system that keeps you dry inside. Welded floors and inverted seams will remove water.

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  • Hinged door for easy access
  • Larger storage pocket for keeping stuff safe
  • Electronic port to bring power inside
  • Water-resistant zipper fabric
  • Protected seams for longer life


  • Comparatively high priced because of advanced features

3. Wenzel Evergreen Tent - 6 Person

When you want to purchase the best 6 person tent, you will have both cheap and expensive options. If you are a person who likes to have durable products, you should choose the Wenzel evergreen tent. This comes with a stunning look and modern features. It features the dome style and has vertical walls. So, when you are inside the tent, you will get enough room for the head. With heavily durable weather armor polyester fabric, this tent lasts longer.

The most exciting feature in the tent is its two-room facility. When you want some privacy, you can use the feature. Apart from the durable fabric, it features shock-corded fiberglass poles with fast feet. This allows you to install the tent quickly and keep it stable in the wind. For proper ventilation, the tent has closable mesh windows and roof.

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  • Easy installation with fast fitting poles
  • Top-grade fiberglass poles and polyester fabric
  • It remains stable in wind and suitable for all areas
  • Possible to make two rooms
  • Mesh design to keep the airflow
  • E-port is available for users' convenience


  • This tent is expensive

4. Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Tent with a footprint

Do you have a reasonable budget? Want to have the full view from the tent when it is night? Then the only product I can recommend to you is the Kelty Trail Ridge tent. The tent is so big that 6 people can easily get fit in the tent. It features steep walls that create enough room inside. Whenever you need to stand, you can do it in the center.

It is easy to install and doesn't require much expertise. The best thing in the tent is its stargazing fly. This allows you to feel the real beauty of the night. See the stars or the moon from a forest area. This is a 3-season tent, which makes you comfortable in all seasons. It comes with a carrying bag for users' convenience.

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  • Easy to install with two poles
  • Enough room inside for six people
  • Easy packing with the tent cube
  • Durably stitched zipper for long life


  • The floor is very thin
  • The manual with the tent could have better

5. Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Camping Tent

This Big Agnes tent is best when you want something convenient to use for your camping. It is color codes that instruct you what to do and where to attach what. Its high volume architecture ensures steep walls and excellent living space. You will feel the real comfort in the tent. It is suitable for six people and best for four people.

The most annoying thing, crawling inside the tent is not required. Two larger doors give you easy and fast access. If it is your summer camp, you will be comfortable inside with the mesh design. This ensures ventilation to avoid suffocation inside the tent.

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  • Color-coded design for easy installation
  • Vertical walls to give ample space for the head
  • Gear loops galore
  • Features two larger doors for access
  • Smooth opening of doors and windows


  • Doesn't come with a separate footprint


Now you know exactly what the best 6 person tent. Pick any items from the above list without any doubt. If you are confused about which one will be better among them, follow the buying instructions. Remember that each item has its unique features. Finalize the item according to your preferences.

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